Laatchi Beach

57 Blue Flag Beaches means good clean family fun

If we ever needed an excuse for a beach crawl then the news from the Cyprus Tourist Organisation that 57 of its beaches have Blue Flag status was definitely it. We decided to explore this beautiful island’s coasts and crystal clear waters to see how they measured up, and we weren’t disappointed.

Clown around at the biggest McDonald’s play area in the world!

On the famous strip of Orlando’s International Drive, lay dozens of fast food restaurants and eateries. On the ten mile major road, lies a McDonald’s. Now, we all know McDonald’s. We’ve been there, done it, right? Well, wrong actually, because this one is different. This McDonald’s has the biggest play area in the world!

Where They Live and Why They’re Scary!

The world’s most dangerous animals may have large teeth and a vicious bite and some have a poisonous sting. Every year, bears kill 50 people, sharks kill around 100 people, and scorpions kill more than 2000 people – but the world’s deadliest creature is much smaller than any of these, and this little creature kills between two and three million people!



Fancy being whisked away on a tour of the tastiest places ever, simply overflowing with your favourite treats? Thought so. Well get ready to have your taste buds tickled – and don’t forget your toothbrush!

From Clearwater to St Petersburg – It’s Sunshine All the Way

The Clearwater and St Petersburg beaches are connected by a 20 mile strip called Gulf Boulevard.  James Mellan takes a trip along the sunshine strip, lined with white, sandy beaches that lead into the Gulf of Mexico, travelling along a road scattered with hundreds of hotels, apartments and beach houses, with restaurants and shops dotted in between.

It’s a Million Per Cent Yes From Me!

After all, where else can you get your picture taken with Cheryl Cole or work out with David Beckham, other than the all new Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool.

The Big Tribute Brings Family Festival Fun to Wales for the Bank Holiday

Wales’ first tribute festival kicks off 24th-26th August with free camping and two fun-packed days of live music and entertainment in Lovesgrove, Aberystwyth. Acts lined up for The Big Tribute will pay homage to Lady Gaga, Artic Monkeys, Oasis, Take That, The Killers and more.

Ponder This Question and Many More at Thinktank

Thinktank was our last stop in a short three-day holiday to Birmingham, where we went to see Oliver at the Hippodrome and spent a day at the Gadget Show Live. Throughout the week I was dying to know what Thinktank was going to be like, so we got up early in the morning to find out that the Birmingham Science Museum is brilliant!

Where Did Ruthless French Pirate La Buse Bury the Golden Cross?

Join the hunt for lost pirate treasure in the Seychelle’s lost world of prehistoric giant tortoises and towering banyan trees, and you could discover the legendary Royal Portuguese Golden Cross, which was buried on Frégate Island Private 250 years ago.

Blackpool Zookeepers Jumping for Joy at Birth of Twin Joeys

Keepers at Blackpool Zoo thought they were seeing double when they spotted an extremely rare set of Red-necked wallaby twins in their Wallaby Walkabout exhibit.

Ayia Napa’s Greek Themed Park is Fit for Gods and Goddesses

Waterworld is the biggest themed waterpark in Europe, one of Cyprus’s biggest attractions, and has over 21 thrilling rides – so it was right at the top of to my to do list when we went to Ayia Napa.

James Mellan’s Life-Changing Summer in the US

I spent my summer of 2011 working as a disability carer at an American summer camp for adults. It was a challenging experience that changed me as a person. It was, both physically and mentally, the hardest job I had ever done. However, it was such an amazing experience, I am returning to New Jersey’s Camp Merry Heart for summer 2012 for a second slice of the pie.

Writing Home from Camp America

Your six-week summer holidays are just around the corner. Just a couple of months and you’ll be saying goodbye to another school year. But, come September, when your English teacher asks you to write up what you did over the summer, what are you going to write about? The day that Dad took you to the steam railway museum? The day that Mum dragged you around the local market to buy discount curtains? The day you helped Nan plant some flowers in the yard? Well how about writing up your adventures in an American Summer camp?

James Mellan Talks Teens in GZ

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, behind Beijing and Shanghai. It is the national transportation and trading capital and its industrial and financial sectors are growing rapidly. Sound fun?  Of course not. So what does Guangzhou offer for teens?

Photograph: Francesca Dent

Explore the World of Lord Armstrong in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

It is hard to imagine a life without electricity. Anyone who has ever gone through a long power cut will have noticed just how much we rely upon electricity. No lights, computers, televisions or games consoles. The very impressive Cragside in Rothbury, Morpeth, near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne was the first house in Britain to have hydro-electricity.

A Day in the Life of a Glazier in Sunderland

We use glass every single day, whether it is used to enjoy a glass of juice or to look out of the window to check the weather, but do we know where it comes from and how it’s made? At the National Glass Centre in Sunderland you can learn more about glass in a fun way (honest!)

Discover How Kids Lived in Bygone Days

Have you ever wondered about life in Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian times? What would school have been like? How did it feel to work down the pits? What kind of sweets could you buy? Well Beamish Open Air Museum in County Durham can answer all of these questions and more.

And New York, Baby! Too

We have just read two brilliant and beautiful books illustrated by Ward Jenkins and would recommend them to anyone taking tiny travel companions on a tour of San Francisco or New York.

Morocco’s Fairytale City is Cool for Kids

Marrakech is the fourth biggest city in the African country of Morocco and is like a real life fairytale. Beautiful grand palaces, colourful gardens and labyrinths of colourful alleyways where craftsmen make unique toys; you almost have to lay a trail of crumbs to find your way back out!


View from Sacre Coeur


That just about sums up five action-packed days in the City of Lights – and boy was it fun. Watch our PARIS FOR KIDS trailer then read on.

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The Top Tot’s Guide to the City by the Bay

And New York, Baby! Too We have just read two brilliant and beautiful books illustrated by Ward Jenkins and would recommend them to anyone taking tiny travel companions on a tour of San Francisco or New York.

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Who, What, Where and When…

Inspired Me to Travel? When Julia at kids travel 2 tagged me to share ‘who, what, where and when’ has inspired me to travel for the easyJet Holidays Inspiration Initiative the first answer was easy.

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