Laatchi Beach

57 Blue Flag Beaches means good clean family fun

If we ever needed an excuse for a beach crawl then the news from the Cyprus Tourist Organisation that 57 of its beaches have Blue Flag status was definitely it. We decided to explore this beautiful island’s coasts and crystal clear waters to see how they measured up, and we weren’t disappointed.

Photograph by Richard Budd

Cameron talks to the Daredevil CBBC Star about her Globetrotting Adventures

Naomi Wilkinson is familiar face on kids TV.  Famous for her “Milkshake Shake” and “Silly O’Clock” dance routines, she has worked with  Muppet legend Emo and travelled the world for CBBC’s Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature and BBC2’s Live ‘n’Deadly, where she comes face to face with weird, wonderful and dangerous animals.

Basically, Naomi has the coolest job in Kids TV!

I interviewed Naomi to find out how her high-flying career took off.

And Read About Amazing Jobs Around the World

What do you want to be when you grow up? A pilot? A nurse? We all hear about normal types of jobs but you’d be surprised what unusual careers there are out there – if you know where to look.

A Mind-blowing Read from Lonely Planet

When I saw I had been given this book to review I was elated. This is just the kind of book that I enjoy. I have always loved fact books, they always tell me about many of the weird and wonderful things around the world that I am not already aware of. Books like The Real Wonders of the World give me ideas for new things to see, or marvel over how they are possible or how they were made.

Where They Live and Why They’re Scary!

The world’s most dangerous animals may have large teeth and a vicious bite and some have a poisonous sting. Every year, bears kill 50 people, sharks kill around 100 people, and scorpions kill more than 2000 people – but the world’s deadliest creature is much smaller than any of these, and this little creature kills between two and three million people!



Fancy being whisked away on a tour of the tastiest places ever, simply overflowing with your favourite treats? Thought so. Well get ready to have your taste buds tickled – and don’t forget your toothbrush!

Ponder This Question and Many More at Thinktank

Thinktank was our last stop in a short three-day holiday to Birmingham, where we went to see Oliver at the Hippodrome and spent a day at the Gadget Show Live. Throughout the week I was dying to know what Thinktank was going to be like, so we got up early in the morning to find out that the Birmingham Science Museum is brilliant!

Ayia Napa’s Greek Themed Park is Fit for Gods and Goddesses

Waterworld is the biggest themed waterpark in Europe, one of Cyprus’s biggest attractions, and has over 21 thrilling rides – so it was right at the top of to my to do list when we went to Ayia Napa.

A Day in the Life of a Glazier in Sunderland

We use glass every single day, whether it is used to enjoy a glass of juice or to look out of the window to check the weather, but do we know where it comes from and how it’s made? At the National Glass Centre in Sunderland you can learn more about glass in a fun way (honest!)

Morocco’s Fairytale City is Cool for Kids

Marrakech is the fourth biggest city in the African country of Morocco and is like a real life fairytale. Beautiful grand palaces, colourful gardens and labyrinths of colourful alleyways where craftsmen make unique toys; you almost have to lay a trail of crumbs to find your way back out!


View from Sacre Coeur


That just about sums up five action-packed days in the City of Lights – and boy was it fun. Watch our PARIS FOR KIDS trailer then read on.

Blackpool’s SeaLife Centre has a Spectacular New Refuge for Freshawater Turtles

SEA LIFE Blackpool has provided a permanent sanctuary for a very special endangered species – the turtle. These rare marine animals are being well looked after, as you will see if you visit their new holiday resort home.

James Mellan Gives us the Lowdown

In most countries, there are popular tourist spots that most people go and visit. China is no exception. The Great Wall, The Forbidden City and The Terracotta Warriors always top the charts of things to see in China, but beyond the obvious spots lie hidden gems to be discovered.

Snowboarding at Manchester’s Chill Factore

Slip-sliding on a snowboard may give you the chills if you’ve never tried it before – but sign up for a class at the Chill Factore and you’ll soon be bombing down the slopes like a pro.

For Some Real Action and Adventure in Wales

Pembrokeshire, in South West Wales, is sometimes called the ‘Little England Beyond Wales’ because lots of people there speak English rather than Welsh, and many places there have English names too. It has some of the UK’s best beaches, massive cliffs and Britain’s only coastal national park.  It’s also home to the Preseli mountains. That all adds up to some awesome surroundings to climb, drive, kayak, surf, swim and hike in – and Preseli Adventure has a package that’s right up the Kids Travel Cam’s street...Adrenaline Cocktail!

An Island FULL of Adventure

“You Are Welcome Sir, to Cyprus”. So said Othello in Shakespeare’s famous play, and it’s no wonder that he chose the island as the stage for some of the best action in it. For not only is Cyprus like an open-air museum but there are loads of opportunities to make an action-packed story of your own. Mine involves castles, mountains and donkeys  – and a good look at the history of my favourite Mediterranean island.

If you’re always moaning that you’re bored on long journeys then make sure you get a copy of Around the World In 80 Ways from itcheefeet.

The thing we liked about it is it gets you talking and using your imagination whilst thinking about the world around you, which might not sound like fun when you’re wanting to play on your PSP but you should honestly give it a go! You’ll be surprised.

A Fun-packed Book to Keep You Amused

Getting to the Bottom of Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a land full of wonders…the Pyramids, the Temple of Luxur, Valley of the Kings, Mummies,  and of course, The Nile. All exciting things to see but we wanted to dig a little deeper. Right to the bottom of the ocean in fact!

    Pick a location below

The Top Tot’s Guide to the City by the Bay

And New York, Baby! Too We have just read two brilliant and beautiful books illustrated by Ward Jenkins and would recommend them to anyone taking tiny travel companions on a tour of San Francisco or New York.

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Who, What, Where and When…

Inspired Me to Travel? When Julia at kids travel 2 tagged me to share ‘who, what, where and when’ has inspired me to travel for the easyJet Holidays Inspiration Initiative the first answer was easy.

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