Laatchi Beach

57 Blue Flag Beaches means good clean family fun

If we ever needed an excuse for a beach crawl then the news from the Cyprus Tourist Organisation that 57 of its beaches have Blue Flag status was definitely it. We decided to explore this beautiful island’s coasts and crystal clear waters to see how they measured up, and we weren’t disappointed.

Photograph by Richard Budd

Cameron talks to the Daredevil CBBC Star about her Globetrotting Adventures

Naomi Wilkinson is familiar face on kids TV.  Famous for her “Milkshake Shake” and “Silly O’Clock” dance routines, she has worked with  Muppet legend Emo and travelled the world for CBBC’s Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature and BBC2’s Live ‘n’Deadly, where she comes face to face with weird, wonderful and dangerous animals.

Basically, Naomi has the coolest job in Kids TV!

I interviewed Naomi to find out how her high-flying career took off.

It’s a Million Per Cent Yes From Me!

After all, where else can you get your picture taken with Cheryl Cole or work out with David Beckham, other than the all new Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool.

Ponder This Question and Many More at Thinktank

Thinktank was our last stop in a short three-day holiday to Birmingham, where we went to see Oliver at the Hippodrome and spent a day at the Gadget Show Live. Throughout the week I was dying to know what Thinktank was going to be like, so we got up early in the morning to find out that the Birmingham Science Museum is brilliant!

Where Did Ruthless French Pirate La Buse Bury the Golden Cross?

Join the hunt for lost pirate treasure in the Seychelle’s lost world of prehistoric giant tortoises and towering banyan trees, and you could discover the legendary Royal Portuguese Golden Cross, which was buried on Frégate Island Private 250 years ago.

Ayia Napa’s Greek Themed Park is Fit for Gods and Goddesses

Waterworld is the biggest themed waterpark in Europe, one of Cyprus’s biggest attractions, and has over 21 thrilling rides – so it was right at the top of to my to do list when we went to Ayia Napa.

Inspired Me to Travel?

When Julia at kids travel 2 tagged me to share ‘who, what, where and when’ has inspired me to travel for the easyJet Holidays Inspiration Initiative the first answer was easy.


View from Sacre Coeur


That just about sums up five action-packed days in the City of Lights – and boy was it fun. Watch our PARIS FOR KIDS trailer then read on.

The Blackpool Tower Eye’s SkyWalk is Truly Breathtaking!

Dare you step out on to Blackpool Tower’s SkyWalk? I did, and it really does take your breath away! So much so I had to have a lie down to recover!

Welcome to The Dungeons, Where Horrible Histories Are Brought to Life

Getting your head axed off by a murderous jester is just one of the many scary situations you could find yourself in at The Blackpool Tower Dungeons I took a dark and gory trip back in time to discover the torture, blood and guts of bygone times.

Snowboarding at Manchester’s Chill Factore

Slip-sliding on a snowboard may give you the chills if you’ve never tried it before – but sign up for a class at the Chill Factore and you’ll soon be bombing down the slopes like a pro.

Blackpool’s Where It’s At!

What’s the size of 19 Olympic swimming pools, 4 Wembley pitches, or 27 centre courts at Wimbledon, and has 12 great rides and characters like my hero Spongebob in it?

Pendle Hill Witches and Ghosts of Samlesbury Hall

The Kids Travel Cam enlisted the help of Lancashire tour expert Simon Entwistle to find out about some real witches and ghosts from bygone days.

Time is Marching on Fast to the Festive Season

So don your hats, gloves and scarves and get ready to enjoy a very English Christmas…

Check Out Blackpool Zoo’s Animal Experiences

I’ve been road testing some of the new animal encounters on offer at Blackpool Zoo and they’re great! As well as finding out what the animals like to eat, and even getting to feed them, you find out lots of fascinating facts too. Take a look at our video and find out why a giraffe’s tongue is two different colours, and how the lemurs are just as playful in real life as they are in the movie Madagascar.

I Spy an Action-Packed Weekend in Milton Keynes

Calling all secret agents and thrill-seekers!  If you have your sights set on an adrenaline rush then take aim for Milton Keynes. It’s the home of Spy Games, SNO!zone, and Airkix so you’ll find yourself shooting, sledging and sky-diving!

With a Champion UK Skydiver!

On an action-packed weekend in Milton Keynes I was lucky enough to be instructed by Champion UK Skydiver Gary Sweeney at Airkix.

Behind the Scenes at the Children’s Farm

Since we went Animal Crackers at Blackpool Zoo I have been lucky enough to go behind the scenes over the summer holidays to find out how the lovely animals are cared for, and learn lots of interesting facts about the characters that live there.

At the Park Hall Hotel in Lancashire

Now, what would you say if I told you there was a hotel where you could sleep in a sweetie-themed room and wake up to a view of a theme park right opposite? Nope, you’re not dreaming, and neither was I. You really can do that at The Park Hall Hotel in Chorley.

Home of King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, and a Very Cool Theme Park

Camelot Theme Park in Chorley, Lancashire, is a place where you can step back in time and see how King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table entertained themselves, with jousting and magical sorcery. It also has some great family rides and a Birds of Prey and Animal Centre. You know, if someone had told me when we started our travel blog that I would meet and interview King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, I would never have believed them! Read on and watch our video for a taste of what life was like in the days of Medieval England and the dashing knights of Yore.

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The Top Tot’s Guide to the City by the Bay

And New York, Baby! Too We have just read two brilliant and beautiful books illustrated by Ward Jenkins and would recommend them to anyone taking tiny travel companions on a tour of San Francisco or New York.

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Who, What, Where and When…

Inspired Me to Travel? When Julia at kids travel 2 tagged me to share ‘who, what, where and when’ has inspired me to travel for the easyJet Holidays Inspiration Initiative the first answer was easy.

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